Monday, 12 March 2012

My Very First Publications

What I love about the web is the fact that books which would otherwise be registered as "out of print" can continue to be found as e-books.  My first three books hold a special place in my heart.  My daughter had just been born and I decided to make use of the time at home by really making a push to get published. I was extremely fortunate to find a publisher quickly, and Fortunes's Lady, Summer Charade and Autumn Bride were all published in the early 1980's.  They are certainly not as racy as my Sarah Mallory novels, but I still think they are charming stories in their own right.


Upon the death of her godfather, beautiful Lady Rosalyn Tremayne inherits his large fortune, and in the spring of 1816 she returns to London after a prolonged absence. Her reappearance in the fashionable world causes much speculation. Has she decided that it is time to take a husband? Certainly there is no lack of admirers, including the fascinating yet wholly ineligible Rake Hellborn, whose expensive lifestyle demands an advantageous match.

In Georgian England, arranged marriages were a practical way of repairing a family’s fortunes, but when Miss Christine Harpollet learns she is to be sacrificed upon the matrimonial altar, she decides to take matters into her own hands. Christina’s conduct plunges her into a series of adventures, from which she is finally extricated by the kindness of Lord Malshangar and his family, but even when she thinks herself safe, her erstwhile suitor is seeking a terrible revenge.

When Major Lagallan suggests to Miss Caroline Hetton that she should marry his young brother, she can hardly believe her good fortune, and at first sight Vivyan Lagallan seems to be the perfect bridegroom; young, charming and exceedingly handsome. Yet upon close acquaintance, Caroline is disturbed by his wild, restless spirit and discovers that he has a taste for excitement that eventually endangers not only his life, but hers too.

In this sparkling adventure we meet characters who reappear in a subsequent book, The Dream Chasers.
Melinda Hammond

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